ROBOT series


The intelligent R/C Robot is quite hot-selling all over the world, which is the perfect combination of modern high-tech with the human personality! It is full of wisdom and humanity, intelligent conversation, knowledge enlightenment, memory program, etc.

ROBOT series


The extremely popular deformable Autobot has high-simulated mechanic shape, one-key transformation, both two states of automobile and Autobot can be battling with realistic dynamic sound effect, which let you feel vividly on the scene.



Intelligent the dinosaur, it is realistic in shape and equipped with many functions such as program mode, intelligent conversation, singing & dancing, history teaching , touch induction, etc., which realizes your baby’s “dinosaur dream”.

Jaki Scientific & Technical Lab

Since establishment of Jaki Technology, product safety has been put as the top priority in terms of production and design. Take education and interaction as the key direction of R&D. Our company has been dedicating in R& D. Under the leadership of our first-class talent team of R&D, we have launched a range of high-tech intelligent products such as Robot.


121th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair)

Jaki Technology & Education Co., Ltd. as a part of the intelligent robot industry, will carry the remote control transformable series etc of independent R & D debut in the Canton fair!



The robot will be leading the mainstream education or Chinese children learning

This year's Gala, a program of Guangzhou branch field to win the domestic and foreign media "a piece of applause"...



R/C Changing Car Serics

Time length:1 minutes and 59 seconds.


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